NADAC Hoops For Sale!

( See Below For Car Magnets )

Make sure your dog knows what to do when they see hoops at the next NADAC trial!

Used on Hoopers and many other NADAC courses for path control and directional changes, Hoops are ground-level obstacles. The challenge of a Hoopers course is directional control, the handler and dog working as a coordinated team. Hoops are also great training aids, you can use them to train puppies basic directional cues before they're old enough to jump. Hoops can also be used as contact trainers.
Older dogs can also extend their agility career with these zero-impact obstacles !

These Hoops are made to NADAC specifications (34" wide x 36" tall).
The arch, uprights and feet are removeable for easy transportation of the equipment.
The frame and feet tubing is 3/4 inch (1 inch O.D.), the hoop is 1/2 inch.

To order your Hoops, please send e-mail to, PayPal preferred (checks OK).

$20 each, plus shipping 

(A box of 5 Hoops can usually be sent Priority Mail in US for $40) 

NOTE - Can deliver to NADAC or other Agility Trials in Colorado Front Range area

NEW !! - Car Magnets for NADAC V-NATCH title !!

Heavy duty magnetic, black and white, 6" x 6" size, $7.00 each plus postage.
E-mail to to order.

Updated Feb 2018